A new reality show coming to the Network family is “Tatts”

Tatts takes a look at the body art of several members of the NYPS family (as well as some of our celebrity supporters) in a unique way that allows you to hear the stories behind them, the process in getting them as well as showcase the artist who created them.

Each show features a different person and allows you to interact in real time with the person being featured.

These specials air at different times. To find out when each episode airs visit our schedule. You can also subscribe for free to The Network (from our front page) and get alerts, updates and the ability to watch shows directly from your email.

Although there is no nudity, this show is recommended for mature audiences and is NSFW.

30 minutes. Spring season. 2016.


“Tatts” follows a NYPS alumnus as he gets his design inked for the first time in this episode.