Black, Gifted & Whole & the University of the District of Columbia cordially invite you to the first-ever SafeSpace Open House for LGBTQ students of color who are seeking information on the possibilities of college and/or professional trade certifications. This event will be unprecedented for HBCUs and will hopefully set a standard of inclusion for all people on our campuses across the nation.

The objective of this event is to help LGBTQ students of color learn how to be connected to culturally competent community resources, especially on the campuses of HBCUs. There will be free, fast, and confidential HIV testing on-site for all students interested in knowing their status.

Our LIVE coverage begins at 2pm EST via Periscope. Click the button below to watch.

Replays available to watch via the same link.



This event is being streamed from our Periscope account. You can watch full screen from a desktop and Apple TV. Mobile users will watch via the Periscope app. Replays are available On Demand.