It is apparent that our youth are unapologetically becoming more sexual. Online videos, snaps, ‘grams’, Tumblr posts and whatever other social stream that allows, all prove that Generation X has no shame in their sex game. Is that good…or is it bad? Should we suppress their sexual liberation, or support them in their quest to express who they are? Wait….these are KIDS….my bad. What was I thinking?!?!?

Their ideals about sex, love, romance and dating have become skewed and misguided. Who is to blame? Some say the school system should be more involved, while others say parents should be solely responsioble. Yet, in the midst of the back and forth we have teens doing the ‘back and forth’.

This show will address this very sensitive subject and provide some eye-opening facts to the parents who believe their child is exempt; as well as help those whose young one has become immersed in this new wave of sexual expression.

My special guests are Rev. Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard and Coach Kiana Show.


Donta Morrison