Producers simply serve as a liaison between the NYPS Network and someone with an idea for a radio or video show that they want to air on the NYPS Network.

The NYPS Network is now looking for intellectual, creative, urban and socially forward volunteers to join our Production team for 2017.

NYPS Network gets request from Black LGBTQ creatives from all over the world to host or produce video or radio shows and we are gearing up for even more requests in 2017.

All you need to be is at 25 years of age or older, a person of good character (someone who does what they say they will do), have at least 2 hours a week availability, not a people pleaser (can make tough decisions) and is creative.

No tv or radio production experience needed, but training on the NYPS Network policies and practices will be required.

To get started, send your name, city, state and contact number to info@nypsnetwork.com by December 20, 2016.