Advertise with us by making a tax deductible donation to LGBTQ youth programming or simply a in kind product donation today!


Advertising with the NYPS Network is not only a benefit for you – it’s also rewarding. The NYPS Network provides all types of amazing opportunities for getting your material in front of it’s almost 5,000 subscribers, as well as, it’s daily viewers – all for a tax deductible donation to the work or National Youth Pride Services or in kind donations to National Youth Pride Services.

Types of Advertising

  1. The NYPS Network allows you to air commercials and place video ads on it’s shows, or attached to it’s shows. You can also send a commercial to all of of our subscribers to watch directly from their email! All we require is the video file.
  2. Product placement is another popular form of advertising. Send in kind donations of your products to be worn/used by actors/actresses/hosts of shows on the NYPS Network which link back to your online store or website for purchase.
  3. Traditional ads or graphics can be placed on popular shows with hyperlinks to your website or store/product
  4. Channels allow directors or artists have a specific channel on the NYPS Network dedicated to them with premium access and placement. There are 8 available channels on the NYPS Network that allow viewers to watch content from a dedicated producer/studio/artist or entity.


Unlike other media outlets, the NYPS Network goes where the viewers are as opposed to having viewers come to us. Whenever a show originally airs on the NYPS Network, it simultaneously airs on 12 other platforms  – allowing the viewer to watch our shows from whatever platform they prefer. For example, if “Unpredictable” airs every Tuesday at 10pm on the NYPS Network (live or taped)  – it will air every Tuesday at 10pm on every platform. For a list of all our platforms, click here.

Supporting LGBTQ youth and young adults

Your tax deductible donation or in kind donation to National Youth Pride Services goes to support the LGBTQ  youth and young adults it serves in the U.S. and countries in Africa.

National Youth Pride Services is a creative, intellectual, urban, socially forward movement for Black LGBTQ youth and young adults.

NYPS focuses on life and leadership development activities and events that improve the quality of life of it’s members as well as the overall community. Our award winning Life Development series are produced every Monday and help youth and young adults in the following ares – in a creative, urban, intellectual and socially forward way:

  • Finance
  • Dating
  • Housing
  • Health (other than HIV)
  • Development
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Respect
  • Homelessness
  • Empowerment
  • Education
  • Child Care
  • Spirituality
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Anti-Violence
  • and more!

For more information on advertising on the NYPS Network email