In this episode:

“Unpredictable” started out as a live show on Periscope. It got such a great response it was brought over to the NYPS Network. Here you will see the first episode opening, the most viewed one from Leslie Howard.

Monday Nights belonged to Dannie Stewart. Dannie’s episode with adult entertainer Romance, was the most watched NYPS produced show in history. In this clip Dannie brings the southern charm as he talks about his “first time”.

Anthony Walker hosted our first uncensored late night show for the 21+ crowd called “Uncovered”. At the end of each episode viewers were introduced to a new pair of underwear he received from a sponsor.

Life Development is a major part of the mission of NYPS. #OldSkoolJams was a unique way to show how hit songs from the past still have meaning today. In this clip, a cast member from About Him takes on a old school classic. But before that a few outtakes with host Martez Anthony

Josh Rice, self proclaimed cute gay nerd, did a few live shows on our Periscope channel.

We end with our awesome Christmas Special featuring the one and only Staxx.

This special is hosted by Cordero.