With more than 15,000 episodes of series and radio shows, the NYPS Network is dedicated to providing it’s subscribers with a one stop shop for all the best Black and LGBTQ media available.

With that in mind we are pleased to announce the official list of channels on the NYPS Network for 2018. Channels provide 24 hour access to shows for our viewers from a particular actor, genre or topic. Channels can be accessed directly from the main page directly under our slide show of recently added shows. The NYPS Network currently has 8 channels.

The highlight of our 2018 Channels is the “Alex Jante” channel. The 2017 NYPS Network Actor of the Year always provides stellar, MUST SEE, content on whatever show he appears on. Alex has always appeared on the most popular and highly acclaimed shows in the Black LGBTQ community – a testament to his character, style and all that he gives to his audience in every performance. Alex was recently the highlight of our #ThatsBae New Year’s Day Marathon which was highly successful for our network. It featured what many call the best sex scene ever from Steel River.

Alex Jante Channel

The Alex Jante channel will provide viewers with  direct access to all types of content from Alex Jante 24 hours a day.

Here is a full list of channel for the NYPS Network for 2018:

  1. Alex Jante Channel (new)
  2. Pretty Dudes Channel (returning)
  3. Women’s Channel (returning)
  4. Cooking Channel (returning)
  5. Movie Channel (new)
  6. Juvan Langford Channel (new)
  7. NYPS Network Specials Channel (new)
  8. Breathe The Series Channel (new)

All 2017 channels not returning will phase out by January 26, when all new channels debut.

Want your show on the NYPS Network in 2018? Email us at info@nyspnetwork.com