With more than 5,000 episodes from all types of shows available 24 hours a day, it can be a daunting task to determine what shows to watch at any given time.

Have no fear, we are hear to help. Here are 5 shows or series we think you should be watching on nypsnetwork.com. Simply click on the title to start!

  1. Love, Sex & Marriage is truly fascinating – and not just because we get to see Alex Jante again. It’s a sitcom. From our research that’s a first. Tre Floyd, brilliant for many reasons, does a great job with a cast of new faces to pull this off. There’s even an after show to discuss the topics covered in each episode.
  2. About Him, Season 3 continues the breakout franchise that sparked a resurgence in the web series industry. Signal23 TV does a good job if getting people we already are familiar with and putting them in front of us to see how diverse and talented they can be – outside of what we know about them already. This is refreshing. Milan Christopher shines as the star with an amazingly talented supporting cast.
  3. Breathe features the impressive Trey Love and is a unique and interesting twist on a scripted show that could just as well be a reality series. The soundtrack is superb and the episode where Trey meets his father after a long absence is refreshing for LGBTQ youth to see as they can relate to the plot.
  4. The Let’s Talk About It Show is new to the network. You could pretty much get us to watch Khaos do anything, but his ability to go out into mainstream America and interact with non traditional LGBTQ places, people and things makes his show one of a kind. Oh and did we mention you get to see Khaos?!?!
  5. Bi The Series is unique in its own right as it is one of a few shows that looks at the bisexual lifestyle specifically. It’s not new to the network, but it has been revived and has started a new run on our platform.

“Love, Sex and Mariage”


“Bi the Series”,