On May 1, 2018 the NYPS Network began accepting applications for a year round mini grant opportunity for creators of webseries, short films, podcast and radio shows.

We are excited to announce our first mini grant recipient:

Tiffany Patterson, Starter House Films, “Away” series

*this series has been awarded more than 1 mini grant for 2018

AWAY is a scripted dramedy that tells the story of LA transplant Nilay Dannon, an introverted aspiring photographer, as she navigates the reality of being black, queer, and female in a world where those labels constantly clash. Nilay, being a three-striker minority, is a walking political statement with absolutely no desire to be a part of the political scene. On the surface she represents your average twenty something living on her own for the first time: Clueless about “the real world.” Love is something she learned about on the radio. And that art degree she’s spent four years earning isn’t going to much use.

Set in summer 2016, a time of political and social unrest, Nilay is swept into the unfamiliar world of activism, which for the first time forces her outside of herself. As she tries to keep her mind from falling victim to the seductive Los Angeles party scene, those around her continue to challenge her ideology, sexuality, and overall purpose, making Nilay question exactly where she fits in. This story differs from similar predecessors because it is seen through the rare lens of a young, black, QWOC (queer woman of color). Blackness, femininity, and sexuality are themes that layer this story and each character throughout. AWAY uses a sarcastic and nonchalant tone because it mirrors everyday cycles of internal conflict we have within ourselves.

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