It’s not enough to build your own empire, the most successful people know that you have to also bring people up around you as well. This seems to be the model Gary Lavard used in 2018. For all the success he is currently having working on his own brand, almost every show or movie he lent his time to won an award in 2018 – even if he didn’t win one directly.

Winners are those who help others winner. Gary Lavard is definitely a winner.

New this year, the NYPS Network Awards were announced before the People’s Choice Awards. Each NYPS Network Award Category was voted on by a panel of 3 to 4 people that included NYPS Network producers, actors, NYPS VIP Members and staff. Unlike the People’s Choice Awards which is based on popularity, the NYPS Network Award winners must meet the criteria of the category it is entered into and must have appeared on the NYPS Network during the voting period (regardless of what year it was produced)

The highly anticipated Show of the Year went to Real Eyes Realize Real Lies of HD Productions. From a diverse cast, to a compelling story line, multiple judges stated this is a show that would do well on network tv.

In one of many new categories this year, Honest Men took home the award for Pay Per View Show Of The Year – another winner for producer Tyson Anthony.

The 2018 Movie of the Year was The Big Gay Hangover, of course starring the incomparable Gary Lavard and a cast of other just as amazing performers.

It was a sure bet that “Smash” would win something as it was highly talked about across social media after its debut. It was named Short Film of The Year. It featured Justen Ruff and Roman McQueen, a name you will hear again.

What can you say about Roman McQueen, other than he is almost everywhere. He’s in Smash, Living 4 The Weekend, Fallacies and Real Eyes Realize Real Lies – just to name a few. 3 of those shows won awards, so there’s no question that judges chose him as the 2018 NYPS Network Actor of The Year as they had many opportunities to watch his work in different roles. You’ll be seeing more of him as traditionally the Actor of the Year and the NYPS Network collaborate on many projects the following year. Just ask last years winner Alex Jante.

Comedy is hard to pull off, as evident by Drama Queenz dominating this category every year. It even got the judges attention this year. The success of Love Sex and Marriage, which is also now a stage play has earned the show Comedy of the Year honors. A comedy series is hard to pull off, but this cast makes it look easy.

Another new category for 2018 was Sci Fi. The Unanointed, produced by Alex Jante,  Netflix style (full season drops all at once) was a very interesting concept that also saw a special appearance by Brandon Karson. Alex also stars in his own show and continues to deliver. There’s just something about him.

So much can be said about The Girls. From the soundtrack, to the performers, to the storylines, to the actors/actresses themselves – this series is just GOOD. It took home Transgender Show Of The Year and the new Iconic Episode Award which is given to a specific episode of a show that is the best episode of any show that judges had to watch. Episode 2 #SayHerName is a must see!

How Lyrik London gets any sleep is beyond us. His head is full of the most entertaining scripts that we have seen in a long time. He too has a major footprint on the 2018 NYPS Network Awards taking home many wards for shows like Smash and The Girls. He was named the Director of the Year. 

What more can you even say about Breathe these days? We can think of one: if you have new music out, this is the show it needs to be on. Breathe is notorious for having viewers stop in the middle of a episode to simply replay 2 minutes to hear the song they just heard again. It won for Best Music/Soundtrack or Recording for a series. It was also named Channel of The Year.

HD Productions Network was bound to win this category one year and 2018 was it. They produce something for everyone. In a time when there is (unfortunate) debate about what should or should not be portrayed in a Black LGBTQ web series, HD Productions Network has something for everyone – from traditional to flat out sexy. One great thing about them is their ability to get “eye candy” but use them in a way you don’t expect. They also excel in getting a diverse cast. It was named Studio of the Year.

A newcomer (to us) that instantly dominated this category was named the Actress of the Year for her role on “The Girls”: Amor Addision

The reality show of the year went to G Status ATL Hustle. This reality show was very unpredictable but you always wanted to see what they would do next. The highlight (and there were many) was being able to wacth the Reality Show Star of the Year Sherrod Willis. No stranger to the stage or screen, watching the progression of Sherrod from his early days on series’ to now, makes you wish there was a show all about him.

Khaos brings it as the host of the Lets Talk About It Show that won Talk Show Of The Year honors. He specializes is addressing non LGBTQ topics as well as traditional ones, but goes into areas you don’t expect him too – like interviewing fans at a Detroit Tigers baseball game.

We’ll go over the People’s Choice Awards once the NYPS Network releases the voting totals so that we can give you a deeper look as to what people voted for and what they were watching on the NYPS Network in 2018.

Catch Gary Lavard in Car Tales coming to the NYPS Network December 2018