It’s that time of year again!

Amazingly, new series, short films, movies and more are being created at a record pace and 2019 seemed to be the year producers and writers tested new concepts or refined current series.

The NYPS Network was created years ago to provide our national and international members one place to find content for people who looked like them and today it enjoys an extended audience outside of our members, provides grants and funding and of course produces the annual Awards for content we share on our site.

By our count, we featured 312 actors/performers and 81 series/movies/short films and previews in 2019. Out of those impressive numbers, we celebrate performances with Awards.

We offer 2 types of awards: People’s Choice Awards, where our subscribers vote by ballot on thier favorites, and the main event, the NYPSNETWORK AWARDS. These Awards are chosen by a nuetral panel from the U.S. and South Africa (our second largest viewing audience) and notes are taken, focus group style, to determine winners. The youngest focus group is 16 years old up to the oldest focus group which is 50 years old or more.

We have always felt that anyone who produces any form of content is worthy of praise as representation matters. We wish we could give everyone an award. To this end, no one should feel slighted before, during or after this process.

Categories we plan to award in 2019 are:

Actor of the Year

Show of the Year

Women’s Channel Show of the Year

Movie of the Year

Short Film of the Year

Sci Fi Show of the Year

And more, including the People’s Choice Awards!