What a year for Black and LGBTQ media! What usually takes less than a month to conduct focus groups and vote on, took three months this year as the number of shows sent to us to air on the network rose 412%.  With over 60 series airing on the network, 217 actors and actresses making appearances and 2, 118 episodes to watch – this years awards were a massive undertaking.

It is exciting to note a common theme in 2019, if there can be considered one. Mental Health was the focus of many new and returning series in 2019. On the topic of mental health, personal preference is subjective. Not winning an award does not make any show, performer or producer less valuable than the other With the amount of representation out there for the community, we are all winning.  Our selection process consists of focus groups ranging from teens to elders and in some cases ratings. (People’s Choice Awards are simply by votes submitted over a 24 hour period and Actor of the Decade was decided by write in votes from subscribers only.) Shows/performers that did not appear on our network were not eligible for any category. NYPS paid for subscriptions to some services in order for voters to view additional content when requested, via reimbursements.

Before we get to the main event of the 2019 Network Awards, here are the People’s Choice Awards (scroll down if you wish to skip this part)

Favorite Actor Emery Lavell, Triangle, Ballroom Throwbacks TV

Favorite Show (Women’s Channel) Forbidden Fruit

Favorite Show – L.I.T. The Series, HD Productions Network

Favorite Newcomer – “Hawk” Rodney Glover “H.O.E. AconnectionTV

Favorite Producer/Studio – ACONNECTIONTV

And now, the 2019 NYPS Network Awards

Reality Show of The Year

The Stud Model Project is a must see. Produced by Studville TV, Tessa works with an amazing group of studs competing for a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a must see for all genders and is the 2019 NYPS Network Awards Reality Show of the Year!

Episode Of The Year

Love@ First Night is a perennial NYPS Network Award nominee and this episode on mental health received the most feedback from both our U.S. and International focus groups, making Episode 9, Season 3, “Air It Out” the 2019 NYPS Network Episode Of The Year! (Note: this episode caused some of our voters to reach out for help after viewing)

Soundtrack Of The Year

There are so many great shows, with amazing soundtracks that allow the music to help tell their stories. This category was close, however not only did “The Mister” score high for its soundtrack in all of its episodes, it’s Intro was the most popular, allowing it to take home the award for Soundtrack of the Year! Not to mention, it’s a pretty good show!

Short Film Of The Year

What do you get when you put Sampson and Darryl Stephens together? A masterpiece. A raw look at self love, toxic family members and self care make this short film a must see for those dealing with mental health issues within the family. A Different Direction is our Short Film of the Year!

Comedy Of The Year

Billed as a comedy drama, Conframa is also a nominee for Show Of The Year, Actor of the Year (Maximillian) and Actress of the Year (Alexandria McGaughey). With perfect timing and comedy that isn’t forced, this series had our voters laughing out loud in every episode.

Producer/Studio Of The Year

In 2019, ACONNECTIONTV offered am extremely diverse portfolio of media, with multiple shows scoring high with voters across all generations. In addition they introduced us to some amazing new performers, with intriguing, unique storylines that have cross over appeal with the non LGBTQ audience, as well as, shows with great concepts, like Show of the Year Nominee H.O.E. (don’t judge a book by it’s cover).  The ACU is a brilliant concept that allows multiple shows to connect theme’s and storylines, similar to network TV crossovers, but better. Be on the lookout for Ryan Marcus, a Actor Of The Year Nominee. This  studio produced the most NYPS Network Award nominees.

Cast Of The Year

The Ensemble cast of Frenergy is the first group to ever be nominated for Actor of The Year because they each share equal time, putting on exceptional performances. This show is groundbreaking in so many ways and should be shown in LGBTQ youth centers around the country. This cast reaches out to every day people and brings the representation many people have been looking for. This cast proves that activism is not just marching or posting on social media, but by using art to inspire and empower. They are the 2019 Cast of the Year.

Actress Of The Year

When you think of a black version of Karen Walker, you’re more than likely thinking of the character played by Alexandria McGaughey of Confarma. She brings so much to this brilliant show, that whenever she is in a scene you are anticipating the words that are about to come out of her mouth – and she always delivers.

Actor Of The Year

Wesley Henderson of “The Mister” is the 2019 NYPS Network Actor of the Year. His character “Hayden” plays a best selling author who falls for a guy with issues of his own to deal with. Rico White and Ryan Marcus are both excellent in this series, but it’s Wesley that you come to see in every episode.

Sci Fi Show Of The Year

Black and White stars Chris Braz and is a brilliant science fiction look at the battle of good versus evil.

Show of The Year



Chadwick Journals

Love@First Night

The Mister



Picking one show out of more than 60 was a task for the 100 plus people in focus groups the past few weeks, let alone getting the count down to 6, but this show proved to be groundbreaking from episode 1. We’re excited to announce that the 2019 NYPS Network Show of the Year is “Frenergy”

Actor of the Decade

This person has a resume in this decade anyone would want:

Commercials. Check.

Network TV. Check.

Major motion picture appearance. Check.

Web series. Check.

Founded a media company. Check.

Broke the internet with three words: “Eat my ass”. Check

For an impressive body of work in the last decade that is unmatched, we are excited to announce that the NYPS Network Actor of the Decade is Gary Lavard.


Thanks for joining us for the 2019 NYPS Network Awards. Head over to the NYPS Instagram account (@YouthPride) later tonight for our official announcement posts that you are free to share! Don’t forget to tag us. (our social media team finds out who the winners are when the public does, so photos may not be up right away)

Keep creating art. Every day.