If 2019 was any indication, we know that 2020 is going to be amazing! Here are a few people and shows we can’t wait to see in 2020. Some are brand new productions, and some are being made available to watch for free this year – either way – you won’t want to miss out. We can already feel a few nominees for 2020 NYPS Network Awards coming form this group. In no particular order, let’s get started:

10 Shows You Must See in 2020

1. Chasing Dallas, Season 2

Chasing Dallas is already turning out to be must see tv for us, with only the first four episodes of season 2 available. There are plenty of reality based shows on the web, but the production quality of this one is made for network tv. Ressie G, Tre and King Cain are apart of a great cast that keeps you coming back for more. They are currently on a break, but new episodes return on February 13.

2. The Enslaved

Alex Jante + Chris June. What more do you need to say? If you are a fan of Sci Fi, this show is for you. There are some familiar faces in this production (hint: “Frenergy” as well as some that may be new to you. Check it out in March.

3. Living 4 The Weekend, Season 4


4. Body Positivity

Once again, the producers of this show are making a series that the majority of the community can relate to, and not just the LGBTQ one. Lizzo has been beating the drum for women and thank goodness, someone is now beating the drum for us. It’s pretty bad ass to make shows these days that even kids can watch that doesn’t require a graphic content warning. What a way to talk to people battling depression over how they look in a world where the pretty people seem to rule. This show reminds you that you’re actually beautiful too!

5. Ghost Of Fort Greene

Give us Lamont Pierre and Bry’Nt all day, every day. Hop and his mosaic of seedy friends and associates are haunted by emotional baggage, dark secrets and shady pasts as they try to survive on the streets of Brooklyn. Movie level type production quality, amazing story telling and superb acting. Bry’Nt always delivers and is never disappointing.

6. Let’s Talk Therapy

SlayTV presents NamaSlay, a divine safe space for Black queer, trans, and non binary people of color to discuss, explore and utilize alternative healing practices. More and more people are starting to understand the importance of therapy. We are in love with this concept for many obvious reasons, but on a list that includes the show “Body Positivity” it’s safe to say things are headed in the right direction for Black media.

7. Dead Men Don’t Sing

Bright, tight and right. Remember when Gary Lavard named one of his episodes that? Well he’s definitely all that in his latest project as Hendrix Robinson. Known to his fans worldwide as “Hendrix”, he’s a scandal-prone platinum selling rapper who battles a “lean” addiction and crippling anxiety attacks amid a paranoia about a conspiracy by music industry execs to take his life and steal his music catalogue worth millions.

8. Poz Roz

How this show isn’t already on cable TV, we will never know. Poz Roz is a digital series that explores the life of 20 something Rozzlyn Mayweather after an HIV+ diagnosis rocks her already shaky world. This show produced an actor on our Top 10 to Watch list below, but we have to mention Tommy Hobson, who definitely is the truth (thanks India.Arie). He’s no stranger to us, but the dude knows how to perform any script given to him, masterfully. There’s something great about the music in this series as well.

9. Bry’Nt Wants It All

How versatile is Bry’Nt? You can’t even tell it’s the same person from “Ghost of Fort Greene”. This “rockumentary” takes a glimpse inside the life and artistry of rapper/model/actor “Bry’Nt as he embarks on the most important year of his career. If you were playing the word association game and your word was “melanin”, the obvious response would be Bry’Nt.

10. Infamous

An inspiring rapper, Deandre, and aspiring model, LaQueena, are desperate to break into Atlanta’s cutthroat entertainment industry. When feuds, beefs, relationships and betrayal threaten their grind, how far and long are they willing to hang on to achieve their ultimate success? Jr B Snappin is gold in this series as the lead, This is also one of the only shows that we know of that features a child actor. The interactions between Deandre and the kid are smooth and natural. This show also features someone on our Top 10 list below.

10 Actors To Watch In 2020

Now that we have told you what shows we can’t wait to see in 2020, lets look at some of the actors we think you should know and follow on screen this year. In most cases we discussed their roles in the list above and in an effort not to be repetitive, we will only go in depth on those not mentioned above, in most cases.

Here are the actors we think you should watch in 2020, no matter what shows they are on:

1. Corey Knott

Corey provides the best dramatic experiences on HD Productions. We’ve yet to see a episode of anything he is in where he does not deliver. Writing, producing, acting all seem to come natural to him. He goes above and beyond in season 4 of Living 4 The Weekend (see above)

2. Rico Cassadine

When focus groups viewed “The Mister” for the 2019 NYPS Network Awards, it was the “he works at the Dollar Tree” line from Rico that shut the room down – in every group. Rico is like that best friend you have with no filter and we love it. He can also flip the script and play different roles as he does in other series. With Rico on your series, you won’t be disappointed,

3. Chris June

What can we say about this guy? Beautiful. Humble. Beautiful. Empowering. (You get the picture). Chris blew us away in “Blackville” which aired on Here TV last year, but the amazing thing about him is that he takes on all kinds of roles, no matter how large or small – even though he has a cable TV gig. And have you seen his social media pages? Almost every day there is a video that uplifts and inspires.

4. Ryan Marcus

The smile. The southern charm. He’s like everyone’s TV boyfriend. No wonder he was nominated for Actor of The Year last year for his role in The Mister. For those of us not from the south, Ryan is what we think southern boys sound, walk and act like. This plays a crucial part in the roles that he plays that people who live in the south probably overlook. Ryan is teaming up with our favorite, Alex Jante, in a new sci fi series that we can’t wait to see.

5. Bry’Nt

All hail the king of everything. This guy has two shows in the Top 10 above. How he makes time to tour, act and take care of that melanin is beyond us. See above for reasons why you need to follow him on screen in 2020. Find him on Twitter to see where to catch him live. We might even get him on a cruise or two.

6. Ryan Kennedy

For about 24 hours he was headed to Puerto Rico on our cruise as a confirmed special guest, now he’s on his was to probably earning his first ever, well deserved NYPS Network Award from us if he keeps up his string of spectacular performances. There’s just something about “Rah Rah” that your eyes and ears can’t get enough of on the screen. He has so much content online due to the number of series he has been in, you can watch him every day for a month and still want more. Expect more from this guy this year.

7. Steven Clark

Steven is new to us, but a perfect addition to the series Poz Roz (see above). How great would it be to have him and Rico in the same room together? Poz Roz will probably be moved to cable TV or some other worthy platform soon, so you better do whatever you can to catch Steven on this series so you can say you knew him when…

8. Gary Lavard

No explanation needed. Ever. (Check above for info on his latest project).

9. Elliot Pennington

Whoever did the casting for “Frenergy” is very good. Elliot stands out in a supporting actor role in a series that already has a strong three person ensemble cast that is very relevant, relatable and real. Elliot may be the reason we add a new category to our annual end of the year awards as he reminds us of the importance of the supporting actor role.

10. Ryan Pitts

From the little we have seen from Ryan Pitts so far, we’ve noticed that his performance improves each time we see him. Sometimes you watch shows and you wonder what a spin off would look like with one of your favorites exploring more of their world as it relates to the character they play. The same can be said for Ryan. We can see a spin off that he stars in, named after his Instagram handle.

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