Frank’s Favorite Things #3 “Wireless Bluetooth Beanie” 

“As a person living in Chicago I must say this may be the best gift I give to my friends and myself. This hat allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while listening to your playlist. You can even answer all your calls.

Find this hat on Amazon starting at $15!”

Free contest code: Bluetooth


Watch “How To Overcome Depression” 

Dj Richie Skye

Watch “Temptation Episode 2/ Season 1” 



Watch “Animal Drill”

Viewer Discretion Advised.

2017 NYPS Network Awards: Vote Now!

06.10.19It’s that time of year again! The NYPS Network proudly presents the 2nd Annual Awards, featuring shows that aired on the NYPS Network from January through November 2017!

Our panel will select the main winners, but we are pleased to announce our “People’s Choice” categories! The public will be able to vote on these categories through December 20, 2017 by casting ONE vote per email. NYPS Network subscribers may vote up to 5 times.

Watch “”Oz” Part 1 – The Wicked Witch (Anthony Walker)” 

National Youth Pride Services presents its last life development series of 2017 called “Oz”

In part 1 Anthony Walker looks at the Wicked Witch. Ever notice how the more you try to accomplish in life someone is always around trying to stop you? Some even go through pulling in other people or using cheap tricks to make sure you don’t succeed. We’re sure everyone has a wicked witch in their life.

Watch “What’s Goin On in the LGBTQ Community (Thoughts on HIV)” 

We continue our World AIDS Day marathon with Josh Rice.

Watch “#SpeakOutHIV: Fears and Community (Josh style)” 

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