The Glow Up Season Finale – 7pm CST

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According to SYRAJA E3: “Drag Goes To Church”

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Watch “#OneLoveManchester (Live)” Ariana Grande Benefit Concert

Watch the full live version of Ariana Grande benefit concert with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and other A list stars.

My Favorite Episode: “The Glow Up”

The Glow Up is one of our favorite shows on the NYPS Network. Host Evany Turk helps improve your quality of life in so many areas on a weekly basis.

We asked her what her favorite episode has been so far and she selected episode 4             ” I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. Do You Know What That Means?”

Today we’re discussing dependence versus independence. We also address financial and emotional (in)dependence. Stay tuned and join the discussion.

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Listen now to Evany’s favorite episode! Click the link above.

“Perfectville” – Awakening Beauty – Feature Film

Welcome to Perfectville, where the grass is always greener…or is it?

A story is told about a teenage girl who awakens from an eleven year coma with no memory of her past in the year 2050 in peaceful “Perfectville”, a modernized city with a 1950’s appeal. In Perfectville everyone is beautiful, wealthy and perfect in every way without sin or so it appears. Trying to regain her memory she finds herself adapting to the extravagant lifestyle that appears to be “perfect”. But when the image of perfection fades, the more she begins to ponder if everything is really based on perception.


JOURNEY of a GODDESS | Ep. 101 | @JOG_SERIES | #ShortieVersion

Iman Atkins attempts to shake off a troublesome past and embrace a spiritually fulfulling future. Iman decides that she’s suffered long enough. Today is the day she moves on.

Logline: “She stripped her masks & bared her soul.”

Starring: Ashley Curtis
Written & Created by: Ashley Curtis
Directed by: Mortiz J. Williams & Geno Brooks
Associate Producers: Brittany Rodgers & Myles Grier
Executive Produced by: Ashley Curtis & Geno Brooks

Edited by: Ivan Ivanov

Memorial Day on the NYPS Network

This coming Monday watch a few shows making their debut on the NYPS Network for the first time. Starts at 12 noon central/1pm eastern. Subscribers will get notifications of each show.

At 7pm Central/8 eastern, our feature presentation of “Perfectville”. Welcome to Perfectville, where the grass is always greener…or is it?

Check out our other holiday specials below:


Memorial Day at 4pm central/5pm eastern.


Memorial Day at 12 noon central/1pm east.

Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Gameplay E.1 FFXV ACTVGAMES

It’s back! Gaming from a Black LGBTQ perspective! Are you a gamer? From our On Demand Library click on “Gaming” to watch all our LGBTQ gaming episodes and tutorials.

Enjoy this Final Fantasy XV episode from ACTV Games.


Watch “E1 21 Questions” (Replay)

Watch the debut of a new show for and by the drag community again.

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