Here’s Your Chance To Go To Puerto Rico!

Do you make at least $7-$8 a hour?

Do you believe in self care?

Do you think you deserve the ultimate vacation next year?

Wanted to visit other countries without a passport?

If you answered yes, it’s time to get with the program and join us for our 2020 Exotic Cruise to Puerto Rico and three other Exotic islands.

Emai us at by September 30 for more information or to book. All ages welcome.


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NYPS Announces 2020 Cruise to Puerto Rico

With the 2019 EPIC CRUISE just a few weeks away, yesterday we announced that the next group cruise will take place in August of 2020 and will be called the EXOTIC CRUISE with stops in 4 Exotic areas headlined by Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands!

If that isn’t enough, we’re sailing on the amazing Carnival Breeze. For more information visit

With one full year to pay, it’s time for you to join the 26% of Americans who can cruise!

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