Effective May 1, 2018 the NYPS Network will provide mini grants for producers of content we can also air on the NYPS Network.

Have a web series? Got a radio show you’re trying to improve? Trying to purchase some equipment to take your production to the next level? See below to fill out an application.

All are welcome to apply, but priority is given to those who have completed projects with us, like “Tatts” or exclusive interviews.  In addition to grants, NYPS Network provides other levels of support to those who work on projects with us at no cost to them.

Want to know if something qualifies? Email info@nypsnetwork.com

Grant Guidelines

The NYPS Network provides up to 10 mini grants a year, starting at a minimum of $200 and maximum of $1,000 that goes towards the improvement of a media production, that can also be shown/aired on the NYPS Network or LYRK Music (radio shows/podcasts)

The NYPS Network is a urban, creative, intellectual and socially forward outlet that is for and run by Black LGBTQ youth and young adults who are members of National Youth Pride Services in all our locations: U.S., Kenya, Brazil, Cape Town, Jamaica, Uganda, Ghana, Turkey and Guyana. It is designed to provide a one stop shop for them to see productions featuring people that look and live like they do – without having to search for them.

Mini grants are funded by the fundraising efforts of these members around the world, and through advertising sales on the NYPS Network.

A mini grant can ONLY be used for:

  • An additional season of a ongoing show
  • Equipment
  • Stipends for actors/actresses
  • Marketing
  • Seed money for a new production
  • Space rental
  • Building or creating of a website or monthly subscription platform service
  • Production related travel

You will have to justify your request for funds in detail.

Mini grant recipients will be required to acknowledge NYPS Network, in their own way, as a supporter of the production.

There is no deadline, and we accept applications on a rolling basis starting May 1, 2018. Application below.

In some cases you will be given partial funds if awarded a mini grant and then required to produce receipts to receive the additional amounts you were awarded.

By our estimates, there were 117 new web series, short films or movies produced in 2017 and submitted for airing on the NYPS Network. With only 10 mini grants being awarded by us, not receiving one is by no means a reflection on your work or production, but a limit in resources.

In 2018, the winner of the “Show Of The Year” at the NYPS Network Awards in December will automatically be given a mini grant – even if they have received one from us already. The NYPS Network Awards recognizes shows that aired on the NYPS Network from January to November 2018, regardless of the year they were produced, and are based on ratings, public vote (People’s Choice) and a panel of NYPS Network staff.