Note: this is not for a NYPS Network subscription but for membership to the organization that owns the NYPS Network. For Subscriptions, go to the home page and enter your email under FREE Subscriptions.

The NYPS Network is a project of National Youth Pride Services, a creative, urban, intellectual and socially forward movement for Black LGBTQ youth and young adults in the U.S., Canada and countries in Africa.

NYPS is a membership based movement for those 16 to 29 years of age. It has become one of the fastest growing movements for LGBTQ young adults because it is not an organization, it’s a movement. The traditional roles of a organization are not used at NYPS. It’s also youth -led.

This movement is perfect for those who do not have alot of time on their hands, are heavily involved in other things – but feel they should be doing something for others.

Minimum Requirements of a member is:

  • 3 seconds a week (time it takes post on social media about the LGBTQ movement)
  • Participating in our annual fundraiser to raise funds for you to attend our national retreat and other events across the country you would like to attend

NYPS offers the following to it’s members:

  1. Quality of Life Assistance (you are assigned a specific person who’s job it is to help you with any issue concerning employment, housing and health or homelessness.


    Leslie Howard hosts a uncensored show on the NYPS Network at night as a member.

  2. All members get free air time to host a radio or TV show on the network. They are given a producer and production team.
  3. All members have the option to contribute to our national magazine
  4. Members who are music artists are given free space on LYRK, our music streaming service to promote their music to a national audience, regardless of level.
  5. Leadership Development is available for those who are currently, or interested in being leaders on the national level.
  6. A personal mentor through our national mentoring program, SOAR.

Membership is free, requires the completion on the application and a interview.

Consider becoming a member of NYPS today!